Crossroads shirts

This event is set up to allow you to pay online for any Crossgear items you would like to purchase from our Crossgear area in the Welcome Center. This might include t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, cups, caps, notebooks, etc. We just ask that when you register to pay for your item, please choose the item type you are paying for.

There is also a question asking you for the size of the item you are purchasing. You may pick multiple sizes if you are purchasing more than one size item. Be sure and pay the correct amount based on the number of items you purchase. (Example: t-shirt is $12, but you check two different shirt sizes. You payment would be $24.)

If you are not purchasing a sized items, just choose the "no size" option.

If you are purchasing several different items, either a no size item and/or a sized item, you will need to do separate registrations. One for each different type of item you are purchasing. We apologize for this inconvenience. Separate registrations help us with our accounting and to make sure items are ordered correctly.

Optional Add-Ons

  • Yeti Coffee Mugs $20 Each: $20 - $25
  • T-Shirts: $1 - $12
  • Leight Weight Jackets: $25
  • Hats: $15
  • Notebooks: $5
  • Hooded Sweat Shirts: $20
  • Baptism Towel With Date: $15
  • Baptism Towel NO Date: $15
  • Fleece Jackets: $35
  • Dri Duck Shirt: $45
  • Yetti Tumblers: $15 - $20
  • t-Shirt These are my Church Clothes: $15
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  • Jan 1
    8:00 am
    Dec 31
    11:30 pm